Kale Me Maybe

Hey, I just tried kale, and this is crazy. A healthy snack food? Kale me, maybe.

Yes, that just happened. No, they’re not really chips. Yes, they’re delicious, and of course, they’re healthy. And best of all, they are extremely easy to make. You don’t even really need a recipe, but here’s what I did and they turned out awesome.

Word to the wise: an entire bunch of kale (4 or 5 stems usually) is a LOT of kale for kale chips. You really can’t keep them or they lose their crunch — this snack must be eaten fresh, better yet while they are still a little warm. If you’re making them for a group, a bunch will be perfect.

I used this recipe from Kath Eats as my jumping off point, but made a couple of my own adaptations. Try them this Canada Day long weekend as an alternative to greasy potato chips — if you can get your husband or kids to take the plunge and try one, they’ll love it.

Begin by tearing the kale leaves off the thick stems and then tear the leaves into bite-sized pieces. Wash the kale thoroughly and spin in a salad spinner until completely dry.

Spread the kale out in a single layer on a baking sheet. Drizzle with about 2 teaspoons of olive oil (I used a little too much on my first try and they were overly oily — less is more). Sprinkle with sea salt (Kath’s recipe suggests parmesan or other seasonings — I imagine hot pepper flakes, cumin, chili salt, or any kind of flavoured salt would be delicious).

I LOVE Sea to Sky flavoured salts and my next batch of kale chips will be made with their Garlic and Rosemary salt which I picked up on a recent trip to the Edible Canada market on Granville Island. Can you imagine how awesome their Bacon salt would taste on kale chips?? Yes, ma’am!

Bake for about 15 minutes, keeping a close watch on them and taking them out when the edges are brown and the kale is crispy. (I allowed my chips to cool slightly on some paper towel to absorb the extra oil. You can skip this step and enjoy them right away.)

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