Personalize Your Projects

Adding a personal touch to your arts and crafts projects is a great, easy way to put your signature on things. It’s easy to repeat someone else’s knitting pattern, but making it your own can be quick and simple.

With knitting projects, of course you can change up the type or colour of the yarn, maybe even fiddle with the pattern itself to change the size or tweak the style. Once you’ve created the perfect masterpiece, if you’re like me, you’ll want to give it away to someone who will enjoy it even more than you would.

Here are some pretty project gift tags that you can print off on white cardstock, punch, and affix to your knitted gift with a complementary colour of ribbon. These tags are for your wool knits and cotton knits. Contact me if you need a custom tag.

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One Response to Personalize Your Projects

  1. Michelle says:

    Love your website! Congrats! Hope to see you if we have another knitting group get together sometime soon.

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